Welcome to Precilona!

We are so excited to finally welcome you to shop at our official website!

Our Platform will be 100% running on the 1st of August.

Todd Carbajal

I just discovered this brand, and OMG. I love love the service, the quality, and the employees, very helpful, and sweet. would 100% recommend.

Monica Safir

Precilona is one of the best jewelry stores in Dubai. I've dealt with them for quite some time now. They have the best price for whatever you want. As your life and needs change, they'll be there to customize your dreams.


Shop Emerald Studs

Classic Emerald Stud earrings, Octagon Shape by Precilona that only requires a single piercing. 

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Detailed oval Blue Sapphire Ring, with two Diamond Baguettes in each side for more definition and elegant touch. 

Emerald & Pink Sapphire Rings

Classic Emerald rings with Diamonds & stunning Pink Sapphire ring.

Memo From Precilona

In Precilona, we aim to use these resources and put a twist on the classic styles in keeping our pieces feeling modern yet timeless. For us, we define the forms of delicacy and elegance as ‘Less is more’. Precilona jewelry designs effortless and refined bijouteries that bring out an impact and empowerment feeling for every woman who is wearing it.