About Us


What Matters to Us

It became very clear to us that retail markups can be highly oppressive and burdensome for customers, therefore, we have established our workshop to grant reasonably priced fine jewels while maintaining excellent manufacturing and integrity.  

Precilona Approach

Jewelry designers trace their roots back in their ancestral native land in the north western deserts of India, the country of richness, goods, and precious stones. This homeland is enchanted by history, mysticism and wonders. 

In Precilona, we aim to use these resources and put a twist on the classic styles in keeping our pieces feeling modern yet timeless. For us, we define the forms of delicacy and elegance as ‘Less is more’. Precilona jewelry designs effortless and refined bijouteries that bring out an impact and empowerment feeling for every woman who is wearing it.

Hence the brand name, ‘Precilona’, we desire to make each girl and woman feel precious not just on special occasions, but in everyday life, whether, if Precilona is paired with jeans and tee or cocktail dress. 

A message from Precilona !

At first, I fell in love with precious stones and jewelry because of how they looked, their colors, and shine! However, now, my perspective has completely changed. I understood the deep meaning of stones, and acknowledged the fact that each stone has a story, a meaning, a feeling behind it, and that is why I’m starting this journey to engage with more beautiful ladies and share with them this other side of jewelry, and most importantly, boost their knowledge, inner and outer confidence, and unquestionably Spark!