When Will My Precilona Ship? 

Please allow us up to 4-7 days to ship your item. If the product is out of stock, our Precilona Concierge team will contact you as soon as possible for a new estimated delivery date. Please note that we do not ship on the following holidays: 

New Year's Eve 
New Year's Day 
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day  

How Long Will It Take For My Custom Order To Be Shipped? 

For custom orders, once the design is finalized and the payment is received, Precilona will ship your products in 5days. Please note that the concierge team will be in contact with you via email or phone number during every step.

Do I Need To Sign For My Package?

Since Precilona is a high end brand and deals with valuable items, once the packages arrive at your doors steps, you will be asked by the DHL company to provide them with a valid identification card (same full name as the one on the package) and a signature.  

How Can I Request a Repair?

Any Precilona Product can be repaired by us, you will firstly need to contact us via email ‘preferably’, and send us your request.  

Do You Offer Gift Wrap?

All Precilona products will be delivered inside our signature wrapping of green faux leather boxed and a Precilona gift bag, if your item is a gift we will include a gift card where you can write your personalized message. Kindly note that you can only write up to 50 characters.  

How Much Does Repairing Cost?

Repairs cost can vary depending on the extent and severity of damage. Once you request a repair, our Precilona Concierge team will contact you with an estimated cost, when we receive your items and inspect the damages, we will send you an updated invoice, if you agree to it, Precilona team will proceed with the repairs.  

Do You Ship Internationally?

Precilona offers shipments to almost every country. except for a few, the total cost of taxes, products, and duties will be shown to you at the checkout section.